Catch Nick from MATTY & NICK on NFL Network's Top 10 Shows

October 27, 2017

There's an abundance of quality television to watch this weekend (Stranger Things 2, Halloween specials, Stranger Things 2), not to mention all the autumnal things (apple picking, pumpkin patching wandering, Stranger Things 2), BUT...should you happen to be a fan of the football, particularly the wonderful winning and fabulous Foxboro kind, might we recommend, ever so gently, our very own Nick Stevens in not one but TWO, yes two NFL Films specials. This is where you say, "Go on..."

First...tonight, Friday October 27th @ 8pm EST...Nick is one of the many talking heads in NFL FIlms Top 10 Hail Mary's (spoiler alert: there's a lot of Aaron Rodgers in there). But it's still a fun watch. Good background football fun for chores or late night when the family's asleep, no game to watch.

And second...this show has aired multiple times and is now abvailable's quintessential must watch certified fresh Grade-A #Patsporn...The Top 10 Tom Brady Games (So Far). And (-- humblebrag alert --) Nick is the lead talking head guy/person/host (I mean, with a head that big...) PLUS, our pal, comedian and Needham native Jared Fried appears abundantly, and he brings the funny. If you're a Pats fan this is a must watch. The only difficult part is picking ten! SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM! Really, it wasn't easy deciding what order to put the games in. If you watch and agree/disagree holler at us - @mattynickwaaf - SPOILER: you probably won't disagree with the #1 game...Enjoy! GO PATS!