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No, Tom Brady Won't Hold Back Hucking Dodgeballs At His Family

C'mon, if you've got the #1 arm in the entire NFL, it would be a sin not to make good use of it whenever an opportunity arises. Even if that means hurling dodgeballs at break-neck speeds towards members of his own family. Many of whom are women and children, include his mother and Victoria's Secret... Read More

Nick Got Many Wet, Slobbery Kisses At WOOFstock Boston 2018

Dogs, the outdoors, plenty of sunshine, warm weather, and cool drinks courtesy of Tito's Handmade Vodka: those are the building blocks for what many would consider the perfect summer Saturday afternoon. This year's WOOFstock event was bigger and better than ever before because not only did we... Read More

Can We Make A Gentleman Out Of Stiz?

We all know that our producer Stiz Grimey is just a lowly little street urchin from Chelsea. But just like John Goodman in King Ralph , we truly believe that anybody can go from "G" to Gent. That is why we recruited the talents of etiquette coach Snezana Pejic of The Etiquette Academy to teach him... Read More

Matty & Nick Book Club: The New CADDYSHACK Tell-All

Oh, Porterhouse! We've got a great book for long as you're not due back in Boys Town too soon, Spaulding! You'll finally know why tigers eat their young, and how what many consider the greatest comedy of all-time was made, in CADDYSAHCK: The Making Of An Hollywood Cinderella Story (... Read More

Will LB Go To The Dark Side (aka Star Trek)?

As we celebrate the unofficial glorious Star Wars holiday, May the 4th, the battle between the WAAF office nerds rages on. Nick, a devout and loyal ambassador to the Star Wars universe once again engages in a battle of the awesomeness with the evil sith lord and Star Trek degenerate, Mike Hsu. Only... Read More

Your Binge Schedule Will Be Shown No Mercy by COBRA KAI

Are you a fan of THE KARATE KID, one of the greatest underdog stories of all-time? Ever wonder what happened to Johnny Lawrence, the Cobra Kai sensation defeated by Daniel LaRusso at the All Valley Kartate Tournament thirty-plus years ago? Think life has been kind to either of them? And is there a... Read More

New YouTube Crush: 24 Reasons

Has anyone seen any webisodes of this new-ish YouTube series, 24 REASONS? Highly addictive, it's chock full of consoiracy theories and reasonbably compelling cases, albeit . atad circumstantial at times, as to how one item, usually a movie or TV show, is just like another. Or basically how one... Read More