The Many Personas Of David Bowie

January 12, 2016

A mistake that many artists make is rehashing through the same material over and over. David Bowie didn't just avoid that mistake, his image and his music adapted and evolved throughout the ages. He would often take on a multitude personas in the process, each just as unique as the very songs themselves.

Ziggy Stardust

Certainly the most recognizable of Bowie's characters, Ziggy Stardust was a flame-haired alien that invaded Earth with his platform boots and classic 70's rock and roll. He was the embodiment of Bowie's avant-garde fashion taste with his sexual demi-god status. "I mean he was half out of sci-fi rock and half out of the Japanese theatre," Bowie said of Ziggy in a 2014 interview with PBS. "The clothes were, at that time, simply outrageous. Nobody had seen anything like them before."

Halloween Jack

Initially, he looks like a more "human" version of Ziggy with a few noticeable changes. Keeping the fire-red mullet, but trading the sci-fi clothes for an eyepatch, some scarves, giving off a punk-rock-pirate vibe, Bowie described Halloween Jack simply as "a real cool cat."

Thin White Duke

Appearing on his 10th studio album Station to Station, Bowie introduced to the world the "Thin White Duke." The Duke was almost the opposite to his red-headed brethren. He dressed a bit more conservatively with white dress shirts, vests, and waistcoats to fulfill Bowie's neo-caberet version of his character in the film "The Man Who Fell to Earth."

Aladin Sane

Bowie described Aladdin Sane as more evolved version of his Ziggy Stardust character. They both shared the bright red hair, wore more fantastically ridiculous clothing, and who can forget that trademark lightning bolt makeup?

Major Tom

You may remember hearing his name in "Space Oddity," but the fictional astronaut took on many of the addictions that Bowie himself struggled with. "We know Major Tom's a junkie, strung out on heaven's high, hitting an all time low," as sang in the song "Ashes to Ashes."

Jareth the Goblin King

Even though David Bowie made several cinematic appearances, none are as iconic as his role as "Jareth the Goblin King" in the film, Labyrinth. The film unofficially received its cult status after Bowie's performance of the song "Magic Dance." 

(source: ABC)