London Professor Will Spend A Year Dressed as David Bowie Personas

August 18, 2015

Will Brooker, a professor of film and cultural studies at Kingston University near London, England will live his life dressed as various David Bowie personas. He has been commissioned to write a monograph on the pop rock icon, which will be titled "Forever Stardust".

In order to fully embody each of Bowie's personas, Brooker will take on the dress sense, diet, and cultural interests of each character. He will also travel to each of the locations that inspired each of the personas. This year he has already visited Brixton, Bromley, and Beckenham. Brooker is already set to visit Berlin in September 2015.

Below are just a few of Brooker's adaptations of Bowie's characters:


Brooke says "The idea is to inhabit Bowie's head space at points in his life and career to understand his work from an original angle, while retaining a critical and objective perspective at the same time - a kind of split persona perhaps."

"If you're reading some strange science fiction and books about magic you can kind of get into Bowie's head and see it's sometimes quite a strange place. A dangerous place, a place you wouldn't want to live too long," he added.

"So it's fortunate that I'm going through his career chronologically. Because I think by '83, he was pretty clean. I think I'll get a tan, get fit, get my hair changed again, get my teeth whitened."

When asked about how Bowie might react to his project, Brooker said "I hope he would be interested in and amused by my research. I do feel, though, that everything he says and does in public is performance, so if he did hear about it, we would be unlikely to know what he genuinely thought."

If Brooker wanted a little input from Bowie himself, we imagine it would go something like this:



(source: NME)