Listen To Kurt Cobain's Home Demo Of Nirvana's "Been A Son"

November 5, 2015

The upcoming soundtrack to the Kurt Cobain documentary Montage of Heck contains a multitude of unheard solo recordings of the deceased grunge rocker. One of the tracks that stands out on its own is Cobain's rough demo of Nirvana's "Been A Son," which appeared on the band's 1989 Blewâ album, as well as their Insecticide album in 1992.

The home version has Cobain casually strumming the song's chords on an unplugged electric guitar while singing uncomprehensive lyrics, which seem to illustrate the overall tone of the song. When he finishes, he can be heard saying, "Bass part," which was meant for bassist Krist Novoselic

The song is one of the earlier tracks on the album, which were arranged chronologically. The film's director Brett Morgen told Rolling Stone about how he found some of the timing of the songs difficult to determine, "I knew the spoken-word stuff [on the soundtrack] was all recorded at Tracy's apartment," he said, in reference to Tracy Marander who was Cobain's ex-girlfriend. "'Been A Son' was from that period was well. But Kurt did not date stuff. One of the things that made his journals complicated was he would go back and rewrite stuff. Even his journals were not necessarily chronological," Morgen said after noting that he found multiple versions of "Been A Son."

(source: Rolling Stone)