Led Zeppelin Wants Their Legal Fees Covered For Their 'Stairway To Heaven' Trial

June 8, 2017

It has almost been a year since Led Zeppelin's controversial trial for the rightful authorship of a famous guitar riff from "Stairway to Heaven," when held in comparison to "Taurus" by the band Spirit. Now that the court verdict declared Led Zeppelin as "not guilty" of copyright infringement, it was being reported in March 2017 that the case would be going to appeals court.

After prosecutor Francis Maloify issued a 90-page appeal on behalf of his client, Spirit trustee Michael Skidmore, continuing to allege that the claims of Led Zeppelin stealing material from Spirit are factual.

In response, Led Zeppelin's lawyer Peter Anderson filed an appeal of his own, asking the court to uphold the verdict held in the trial, as well as retract the legal fees paid by the band's music publisher, Warner/Chappell Music and have Skidmore pay for them instead.

In August 2016, Judge Klausner turned down the request to pay back the legal fees, It is unknown if the court will agree pay Led Zeppelin's music publisher's court costs.

(source: Loudwire)