Lady Gaga Will Pay Tribute To David Bowie At 2016 Grammys

February 2, 2016

With David Bowie's recent passing at 69 years old, the 2016 Grammys have confirmed that they will pay tribute to the late rock icon with a performance by Lady Gaga.

Gaga was originally scheduled to perform some of her new music, but Ken Ehrlich, the longtime executive producer of the Grammys, asked that Gaga pay tribute to Bowie instead. "We had already booked Lady Gaga on this year's show, but when David passed - almost in a single moment - we knew we had to change direction," Ehrlich said. "We immediately spoke and agreed that she should be the one to honor David. She's perfect for it."

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Lady Gaga was asked about her love for Bowie before his death on January 10th. "When I fell in love with David Bowie, when I was living on the Lower East Side, I always felt that his glamour was something he was using to express a message to people that was very healing for their souls."

Ehrlich noted that there were many other artists very eager in honoring Bowie at the Grammys ("some of whom might have made sense; the vast majority didn't"), but he decided that the tribute should work out best as a solo act. Ehrlich believes that Lady Gaga's performance "is going to be a true homage to who David was, particularly musically, but not ignoring his influence on fashion and pop culture in a broader way."

Nile Rodgers, who is known for being the legendary guitarist and producer of Bowie's 1983 album Let's Dance, will be acting as the musical director for the tribute.

The Grammys is also expected to pay tribute to Glenn Frey of The Eagles and B.B. King as well.

(source: New York Times)