The St. Louis Blues Have Made Themselves The Villains In This Movie

Sorry for the delay, we're all still pissed about the game.

June 7, 2019

Sorry for the delay, still pissed about the game yesterday.

    The St. Louis Blues have become the clear villains in this series. After a winning goal scored after no call on a dirty play, this was for sure a tainted win for the St. Louis Blues. Noel Accari is now concussed after one of the worst non-calls in all of sports history. I know they are looking for their first Stanley Cup ever but they St. Louis Blues and their fans must be feeling embarrassed after last nights sneaky win. It’s embarrassing for the Blues and it’s embarrassing for the league. After the game talking to some of the players I felt like everyone had a look on their face like they just found out the Stanley Cup Finals were actually being played in the Twilight Zone. What do the Blues have to do to actually get called for a penalty, I guess maybe Bruce Cassidy should go cry to the league so that the Bruins can do whatever they want as well? Bruce did say after the game that he felt the “Narrative changed after Game 3, there was a complaint or whatever put forth by the opposition. It’s clear a complaint was made or something happened because the officials now seem to be afraid to blow the whistle on the Blues. You know it’s bad when Bruce has something negative to say as he is typically fair and understanding. But the coach and his players have had enough, especially now that it may have an effect on the outcome of their season.

    I think it’s safe to say everyone feels Cam Neely’s frustration and many things were thrown against walls last night. It’s frustrating because St. Louis Blues have not been the better team. I think everyone would feel better about it if the Blues actually were the better team. But they just aren’t. As I’ve said this whole postseason, the Bruins play at their best when they are mad and their backs are up against the wall. The looks on the players' faces and their tone post-game seemed very similar to the feeling after Game 2. They seem mad, but not down. This is a feeling like someone just keyed the Bruins car and they know who did it, but the cops won’t do anything about. The Bruins faced elimination before during this playoff run when they were down against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Also if it makes anyone feel better, teams have had a comeback to win the cup after going down 3-2, like oh I don’t know.. the Boston Bruins in 2011?!

   The Bruins will head back to St. Louis to try and take back their Stanley Cup hopes and bring it back to Boston for a Game 7 for a chance to win it on home ice!