Game 4: Marchand & Bruins vs. Everyone

The Boston Bruins look to tie up the series and head back to home ice!

May 2, 2019

    I forget how ridiculous bandwagon hockey fans can be on social media this time of year. The entire Columbus Blue Jackets fan base, and all the “New” Boston Bruins fans are saying this series is already over. But it’s tough to take anyone seriously when they were also calling for Brad Marchand to get a suspension for a love tap to the back of the head. Luckily the people in charge of these decisions aren’t Columbus Blue Jacket fans, or bandwagon Bruins fans. It’s just like last year in round 2 when everyone wanted Marchand to be suspended for licking, when there was no rule against it yet. You can’t suspend someone just because you don’t like them guys! 

   This reminds me of the time Shawn Thornton was fined for squirting PK Subban with a water bottle just because he was caught on camera doing it while wearing a Bruins jersey. Montreal fans had a mental breakdown. Even PK Subban said everyone does it all day everyday in the NHL and he was just complaining to try a sell the ref on a penalty. So if the referees wanted to give him a two minute minor penalty for roughing, okay I’ll accept that. But the fact people think Marchand should be suspended just because they don’t like him is ridiculous. 

   But Brad Marchand and the Boston Bruins are professionals, they aren’t reading articles and social media right now (I hope) and they are focused on coming out on the Blue Jackets’ ice and taking Game 4. The Boston Bruins have played their best hockey when the are mad. That’s how they beat Toronto, by being the angrier team who was not going to be embarrassed. I think we will seem that angry team tonight. As long as they can win this game and come back to Boston with the momentum I think they will be okay.