Countdown To The Hockey Season

It's the unofficial start of the hockey season!

September 1, 2018


We can officially say that the hockey season will be back next month. But lucky for us die hard hockey fans, a handful of Bruins have already been skating at Warrior, and training camp is right around the corner!

It’s hard to say goodbye to the summer, it almost seems like August is the Sunday of summer. You’re still relaxing but you know it’s technically a school night. We try to hold on as long as we can to the warm summer beach days because here in New England summer seems to last only about 11 minutes. But once September hits that means training camp and pre-season hockey start, and thats good enough for me to call September the unofficial start of the hockey season.

There are many reasons why it’s SO good to have hockey back in our lives, even if they haven’t had their first official practice of the season yet. There is nothing better than a fresh sheet of ice, a healthy roster, and a clean slate. At the start of every season I like to say that the Bruins are tied for first place (with everyone). Just like back in the day at the start of the school year when I liked to think of it as if I were starting out with straight A’s, I like to think of the Bruins starting out in first place and the Montreal Canadiens are just starting out with zero points.

Also another good reason the hockey season is almost here is that it will settle down all the football talk and Patriots gossip a little bit. I don’t hate people talking football, but just keep reading i’ll explain. I’m in the age group that has been spoiled early on in life with multiple championships for the city of Boston before I was even old enough to drink. So it’s not that I’m sick of hearing about Tom Brady and how good the Patriots are.. BUT I’m sick of hearing about Tom Brady and how good the Patriots are! I’ll obviously cheer them on when the game is on, but it’s like having an successful older brother that just can’t do anything wrong and you want your parents to brag about you to the family at Thanksgiving dinner for once instead of hearing about your amazing older brothers ring collection! We get it Tom, you’re the best ever to play the game and you’re wicked good looking and you probably get another ring before you’re done, but stop hogging the spotlight and quit making us feel like the Joey Fatone of Boston sports!

So even though we still won't see an official NHL point scored for about another month, we can satisfy our hockey withdrawal now with training camp and preseason games while we talk about Tom Brady and how good the Patriots are!