Charlie Coyle Puts The Jackets Away

Columbus has the worst logos & the kid from Weymouth takes Game 1 for the Boston Bruins

April 26, 2019

    Thank god Don Sweeney made those horrible trades at the deadline, huh? I haven’t heard a peep out of the “We lost the Ryan Donato trade” people. Once again Charlie Coyle is showing why they sent a talent like Donato to Minnesota. 

    Other than a weird two goals in 13 seconds scored on Tuukka Rask in the middle of the third period, the Bruins looked like the haven’t lost any momentum from Games 6 and 7. The Blue Jackets came out looking like they had not played a game since April 16th. Because they haven’t. Yeah they did just pull off the biggest upset in NHL history, but they swept the first round so they’ve been on the golf course with Tampa Bay for almost two weeks getting soft. But don’t be expecting that rust in Game 2. I actually don’t know what to expect from this Blue Jackets team going into Game 2. Yes they beat one of the best teams in NHL history, but they haven’t suffered a loss yet until last night. Will they come out on fire and tie the series up, or will things start to unravel in the locker room?

    I still don’t know how I feel about this playoff series. There are no villains. Yet. It’s weird to go from a hated rival like Toronto to a team we never really played up until a few years ago. During the season sometimes I forget they are even a team. This time of year I want to hate the other team. But right now I don’t know what to hate, other than their awful logo. I’ve been saying all along that it’s the worst logo in the league. Remember when they had a bug as their logo?! And then the went to a green hockey stick? They don’t even know what they are! Are we dealing with a Green bug or an article of clothing?! Or a Green Stick? Their current logo I guess makes sense, but it’s an awful logo. All they did was STEAL the Dallas Stars logo, throw some red, white, and blue in there and hope we wouldn’t notice?! What are we going to lose to a hockey team from Ohio?! OHIO?! The Bruins have a duty to the sport to eliminate this team, because a team with that logo should not be hoisting Stanley Cup until they change it! It won’t be an easy series for the Bruins. If the Bruins can take the first two games at home and then split the game in Columbus to come back to Boston for Game 5 up 3-1.. I think they’ll be in good shape. They need to take advantage of these first two games because Columbus is coming off the couch. Don’t let them get their groove back. 

  It’s Spring alright? The leaves are raked, it’s time to put the jackets away now ok? Cause jacket season is over.. My prediction is the Bruins take this in five games.