Bruins Lose Another One

Bruins will look to tie the series up in Game 4.

April 15, 2019

    The Boston Bruins did a complete 180 during game two of the first round against Toronto. As we approached game three I wasn’t sure how the Bruins would handle walking into a hostel enemy territory. They’re facing a team who, probably, didn’t appreciate getting manhandled in game two, and returning to their home ice for the first time this post season. Boston also set foot on the ice in front of an angry, passionate, crowd who minutes before learned that their selfish, and emotional player, Kadri, would be suspended for the remainder of the series.  In the first two periods the Bruins scored some nice, quick goals in response to Toronto power play goals which stemmed from some questionable Bruins penalties. But it wasn’t enough.

    As a lot of you know, I have been saying this whole time that I think these teams are going to split the first four games and that the Bruins will come back to Boston with the series tied 2-2. My gut feeling says it’ll come down to home ice, which luckily would favor the Bruins. This doesn’t mean it’s easy to watch the Bruins lose when they were just a few freakin’ inches away from tying up the game… several times! Game one was exactly how the Bruins shouldn’t play, and game two was reminiscent of the Big Bad Bruins hockey of a few years ago. It almost felt like Milan Lucic was out there again with the Black and Gold. The Bruins are not going to want to hand over a 3-1 series to the Leafs and this team has shown no signs of rolling over and dying all season. Game three for the Bruins wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either.. it was like a 50/50 mix between their play in games one and two. So for the rest of the series they need to go ahead and just play how they did in game two! Coming back to Boston tied 2-2 will be huge, I still think this is going to end up going 7 games… but you just have to remember that both the Bruins and the Leafs have more playoff win than the Tampa Bay Lighting.. so hopefully that’ll make you feel better in the meantime as we wait for game 4?!