Bruins Dominate Leafs In Game 2

Boston Bruins tie up series against Toronto

April 13, 2019

    Bruins fans can breathe a sigh of relief after last nights game. The team we have come to know from this past season showed up, AND with a little more intensity.. like A LOT more intensity! Hopefully they can bring this type of play on the road with them to Toronto for the next two games! Even though it was a great win for the Bruins and they showed they weren’t going to pull a “Tampa Bay Lighting” and drop their first two home ice games, they did suffer some loss in last nights game losing some players.

     The Bruins CAN’T afford to be losing defense players or any top players like they did last night.. and at this rate it’s not looking good to stay healthy. Just before the playoffs started the Bruins lost a big defensive piece in Kevan Miller. Last night a hit on Toery Krug sent him to the locker room with what looked like a concussion as well as Jake DeBrusk and the youngster Conor Clifton. But this is nothing new to the Bruins, with how good the Bruins were this season.. they only had about 4 games with a healthy lineup. 

    A positive from the game is that the Boston Bruins came out like they were climbing the rope in gym class and the rope was on fire. Also it was wicked physical and chippy last night and it was starting to look like some old time hockey! It would have been very fun to watch the new rivalry between Jake DeBrusk and Nazim Kadri unfold.. but that would be if Kadri could control himself. Last year Kadri got a few game suspension in the playoffs against the Bruins for his hit on for a hit on Tommy Wingles. Kadri has a history of this and has been suspended four times before. Kadri can’t seem to handle the emotions of playoff hockey and I can’t imagine the Leafs will want him to continue to be a player too much longer with their club going forward with the effect he has on them in the playoffs. He IS an effective player on the board for them at times.. I mean recorded a goal when he came back in the game after faking an injury after a collision with Jake DeBrusk. But he just can’t seem to handle playoff hockey (Or hockey in general) without a cheap shot on someone and we may not seem again until next season.

    Now that these teams split the first two games in Boston, I still don’t expect the Bruins to run away with this series. I’m guessing Boston and Toronto will spilt the games up North and head back to Boston to see who takes a 3-2 death grip on the series. And don’t expect Kadri to be a factor in the rest of the games while he’s watching from home.