Bruins Are In The Blues' Heads

The Boston Bruins take away the Blues home ice with a big win in Game 3.

June 2, 2019

    Dear everyone that was saying Don Sweeney was an idiot because we traded Ryan Donato, and that the Bruins didn’t make a big enough move at the trade deadline: If Don Sweeney doesn’t trade Donato for Coyle and pick up Marcus Johansson, we don’t make the Stanley Cup Finals. Last night Coyle and Johansson continue to produce goals like they’ve been playing on a line together for years. These two guys have more chemistry than a dating site. Maybe they should start a site called

To start the game the St. Louis Blue seemed to come out strong. But once the Bruins opened up the scoring they never took their foot off the gas.

    The Blues continued to throw some dirty hits and cheap shots. They were trying their hardest to get the Bruins off their game by continuing to throw elbows and hit from behind. David Perron even started to get desperate when he got in Tuukka Rask’s face after running hit. I don’t think Perron is a dumb guy at all, but what are you doing bud? Doing that to Tuukka isn’t going to do anything other than fire him up more. Maybe he’s never seen the movie Blazing Saddles because you should know, "You don’t shoot Mongo, it'll just make him mad!" If you want to get a goalie off his game, take a page out of the Bruins book and score so many goals on the opponent's goalie that they start to forget how to play goal like last night when the Bruin’s forced the Blues to Pull Binnington. Once you’re in a Goalie’s head in the playoffs, it doesn’t matter how many cheap shots you throw, it’s going to be tough. It’s very reminiscent of the last series with Carolina and do I have to mention Luongo in 2011?! I have too much respect for the size and talent on the St. Louis Blues that I hate to compare them to the Hurricanes, but the game did have a lot of similarities to the last series during the Mothers Day Massacre when they broke the Hurricanes.

    For the seventh straight playoffs game the Bruins have scored on the power play, the year we won the cup they couldn't score on the power play. Bergeron and Pasta are seeming to find their scoring touch again around the same they had in previous rounds. This is why playoff hockey is probably the most exciting time in all of sports. NBA playoffs everyone pretty much knows how it’s going to go, but in the NHL.. one day you’ll go to OT because both teams can’t score and then the next will be a blowout. It was an amazing game by the Boston Bruins, really fun to watch, and important that they answered by taking home ice right back in their first game in St. Louis. They seem to be in Binnington's head now, right where they need to be.