Brandon Carlo Isn't Shaken By The Bruins' Game 2 Loss

May 30, 2019

The night started a lot different than it ended up for the Boston Bruins. Charlie Coyle opened up the scoring early in the first period because of course, he did! The fans were into it more than ever before. I was at every home game during the 2011 and 2013 playoff runs and I can honestly say that I don’t think the city has ever been behind this team as much as they are now. After St. Louis tied it up, the Bruins answered back immediately as if they were NOT going to let the Blues feel any life. But after the Blues tied it up again, there was just no answer from the Bruins.

When I was in the locker room after the game it was very quiet. Some of the guys seemed very frustrated, but no one seemed down. It had the feeling of like when you know your parents were mad at you as a kid, and you were waiting for them to yell at you but they were just very silent, which sometimes could be worse than getting yelled at! The calmest guy in the room was for sure Tuukka. He didn’t seem shaken at all by the fact he had just come off the ice after letting up a goal in OT in the Stanley Cup finals, which is exactly how you want your goalie in the playoffs. He knows that loss wasn’t his fault and he’s already mentally onto the next game. From what I saw, he’s still very much in the zone. As I’ve said before this team plays better when they are mad. Nobody thought this series would be a sweep. Not real hockey fans anyway. I briefly talked to talked to Brandon Carlo after the game about a few and I mentioned that this is how the Toronto and Columbus series started with splitting the home ice games and was wondering if they think about things like that and does it help to know that this has happened before and they can do it again? Carlo thinks so, they’ve done it before and now it’s back to square one. We’re on to St. Louis!