Bruins Prospect Cameron Hughes Discusses Jordan Binnington's On-Ice Intensity

June 11, 2019

Yesterday Boston Bruins prospect Cameron Hughes was on Breaking the Ice. Cameron is coming off his first full professional season with the Providence Bruins. Hughes was drafted in the 6th round (165th overall) in 2015 by the Bruins and played four years at the University of Wisconsin where he severed as captain. If you haven’t heard of Cameron Hughes yet, then allow me to introduce you to him and you will for sure be hearing his name a lot more in the near future. Just like Cameron, many guys on the Providence Bruins anxiously await the day they get the call up to Boston where they can show why they should be on the team while on the big NHL stage. That is what has happened to Cameron’s teammates Conner Clifton and Karson Kuhlman. Not only have these kids taken advantage of the opportunity to show what they got in an NHL game, but they’ve been thrown into the NHL playoffs.. the NHL Stanley Cup Finals! I asked Hughes if he’s had any contact with them since being inserted into the lineup and he said he’s been talking to them every day about the crazy ride to Game 7 of the finals and Hughes just wants to make sure Kuhlman know that he isn’t impressed with his beard.

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Many people keep saying it’s the greatest two words in sports, “Game Seven”. I don’t know who these people are but they must not have a dog in the race. One of my biggest fears is Game 7 in the Stanley Cup Finals and it goes to overtime. An entire team legacy, the season is on the line. One little mistake could end it all. One careless turnover. One small miscommunication could be the difference between who becomes a hero and who will live with the regret and disappointment of coming so close. My palms are sweaty just writing about it. Brad Marchand even said to this day he thinks more about the Stanley Cup the lost to Chicago on home ice in 2013 more than the Stanley Cup he won 2011. But to be honest, I don’t think Brad Marchand will let 2013 happen again. Everyone has been giving the first line a hard time saying the need to step it up and that they are worried about Bergeron, Pastrnak, and Marchand. I wouldn’t worry. That line and this team are at their best when their backs are against the wall. I’ve been saying it all playoffs, this team plays their best hockey after a loss and a team thinks they can have their way with them as the Blues thought. I mean even their newspapers were saying congrats on the Stanley Cup before Game 6 even started! It was a little reminiscent of 2011 when Vancouver released the plans for their Stanley Cup parade route before they realized they were never going to have one. But will all the emotions and all the parallels you can draw to 2011 or 2013, all that matters is 2019. All that matters is tomorrow. And the players know that and I know they will be dialed in and fully focused. Every player I have talked to on and off the record has seemed focused with no sign of panic. Maybe that’s what happened when you have the leadership of Bergeron, Chara, Krejci, Tuukka, and Backes. The chance to win it on home ice for the first time since the Bobby Orr goal from Derek Sanderson against the Blues.