Boston Bruins and Sean "Playoffs" Kuraly: Tied Series

Sean Kuraly is a beast in the playoffs and scored again in a must win Game 4!

May 3, 2019

    One player who seems to always show up in the playoffs, and did so again during the last game was Bruins forward Sean Kuraly. He was a happy surprise a few years ago in the series against the Ottawa Senators. Now Sean Kuraly has turned into a playoff beast and the kid just loves this time of year. I had talked to Sean Kurlay and told him I felt they should start calling him Sean “Playoffs” Kuraly. He said he hadn’t heard the suggestion yet, but he didn’t hate my idea. So lets make this a thing and make the “Playoffs” nickname stick.

    You’ll almost never hear me say a bad thing about the Boston Bruins, especially after a playoff win, but I have to say it, that Bruins win in Game 4 was probably the worst game I have seen this team play so far in these playoffs. Lucky for the team they have Tuukka Rask in net, and he has been carrying this team on his back when they really need him to! 

    I didn’t understand all the David Pastrnak hate that started with Mike Milbury and that has been going around on social media. Even though he opened up the scoring for the Bruins, it was very difficult to defend him last night.  I’m still not on board with everyone calling for him to be benched or even to be a healthy scratch. First of all if anything is going on it’s mental. I’ve heard some suggestions that he may be hurt, I don’t know what injury makes you fan on multiple shots on a power play when you have nobody around you. It’s mental and benching or scratching him is not going to help his confidence! Yes it can be frustrating when your best players aren’t delivering in the playoffs, but I know he’ll work through it and he seems to be coming out of his funk already. I know I have off weeks and I’m not always 100% on my game at work. I’m sure some of you will bust my chops and say I’m never on my game at work, but I’m trying aren’t I?!

    That wasn’t a must win game to keep the Bruins season going, but at the same time it kinda was. The Bruins NEEDED that win so they can use that momentum in Game 5 at home. If the Boston Bruins can just tighten up and feed off of their win last game and play well for Tuukka I think we’ll be looking at a very different story line to this playoff series than we thought we were going to see.