Bieber, Edelman, and Another Game 7 Win

The Boston Bruins are on to Columbus

April 24, 2019

    I was born in 1991 so I’m a part of one of the last generations to remember life without cell phones, internet, and Boston teams NOT winning. So naturally when I woke up this morning, I still couldn’t believe my heart wasn’t broken last night!

    The Boston Bruins were the better team on paper, and they had such a good season. They NEEDED to win. The only other two teams better than the B’s in the regular season standings were Tampa Bay and Calgary, and were already eliminated. Also Crosby and the Penguins were already taken care of and the playoff road ahead couldn’t look any better for the Boston Bruins, and I thought “Well, of course we’re going to lose this”.

    Everything was great about last night. The players showed up when they needed to, the crowd never took their foot of the gas, and the team made their GM Don Sweeney look even more like a genius. Sweeney’s trade deadline moves that added Charlie Coyle and Marcus Johnson, and Donny’s off season signing of Joakim Nordström, all played a huge part in the Bruins Game 7 win! Everything seemed to be amazing, from Julian Edlman chugging a beer on the Jumbotron to David Pastrňák trash talking Justin Bieber on Twitter after the game. Everyone including myself was talking about the “Drake Curse” and I’m sure some will try and blame it on Bieber because he was the most famous Toronto fan at the game. But the truth is I think it’s neither Drake or Beiber. First of all Toronto hasn't won a Cup since long before either one of them was born! If any famous Toronto Maple Leafs fan cursed them.. it’s Mike Myers. Everyone says you aren’t supposed to touch or take a picture with the Stanley Cup if you haven’t won it because it’s bad luck, Well Mike Myers has written a Toronto Maple Leafs Stanley Cup win into a couple of his movies including The Love Guru, I’m sure that’s not good luck either. So if Leafs fan want to blame a famous fan.. blame Mike Myers.

    This is the best possible playoff road map the Bruins could have hoped for. It’s not going to be easy at ALL.. but with limited years left with this core and the teams that are left for the Bruins to play, this is the best looking scenario they could have asked for. I honestly didn’t know how this series was going to go. And since we’ve had so much success in recent years winning Game 7 at home against Toronto, I thought maybe this is the year we run out of luck. But now it’s time to look ahead and get stressed out of a playoff series against a team with the worst logo and a team I forgot was even in the league until about 3 weeks ago. This win also means we’ll have at LEAST 4 games of amazing John Tortorella sound bites!