Andrew Raycroft & Josh Dolan Challenge Heats Up

Isaiah and Josh get into another debate about the Dolan vs. Raycroft goalie challenge!

February 21, 2019

The other day when I was on the air on WAAF with Isaiah, former Boston Bruin Andrew Raycroft called us and we talked about a debate we had on our podcast. The debate was on whether or not I could score on Andrew Raycroft even once if I had ten shots on net. I still stand by what I said (that I could score) and Andrew Raycroft also was still saying I wouldn’t get even ONE PUCK by him... out of ten shots! 

I feel like this debate is outrageous and doesn’t even need to happen because I FOR SURE can score at least one goal on Raycroft!

So on todays show Isaiah brought the subject back up and it got the attention of a stand up comedian who happens to be a former NHL referee! Mark Riley called in and and gave his professional opinion on the subject. I 5000% disagree with Mark Riley’s take and I also disagree with what he says about the time we had a fight on the ice during a Bruins Alumni game.. He say’s he won, but I don’t know about that!

 We will just have to put an end to this ridiculous debate and finally lace up the skates and go for an ol’ fashioned shoot-out on the ice!

I'm coming for you Razor!