Jimmy Fallon Reprises His Role Of The Adorable Masshole "Sully" On Saturday Night Live

April 18, 2017

It's been many, many years since we've seen Jimmy Fallon's memorable Masshole character Sully on Saturday Night Live. He's brash, crude, unfiltered, and we love him! But Sully wouldn't be complete without his equally loud, abrasive, and unorthodox girlfriend Denise "aka Zazzoo" played by former SNL cast member Rachel Dratch.

On the April 15th, episode of the show, Fallon and Dratch reprised their roles as the unapolagetic massholes in a sketch where they take their surprisingly normal teenage daughter Little Denise on a tour of Harvard campus. Hilarity ensues, even up to the point where they find out there's a dormatory named "Hurlbut."

Watch the full sketch below!