Jared Leto Literally Filmed His 'Blade Runner 2049' Scenes Blind

September 28, 2017

With only a week away from one of the highly-awaited films of 2017, Blade Runner 2049 star Jared Leto stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to share how tricky it was to literally be blind while playing the role of a blind person. "They were contact lenses, but when I put them in I couldn't see anything," said Leto. "If I were a better actor, I would probably just act it."

To emphasize how blind he was, during filming Leto had a stagehand walk him through the set. Not to mention that he really never saw any of his Blade Runner 2049 co-stars during filming either!

Leto also spoke about the thrill of ziplining into a 30 Seconds To Mars concert in Brazil and how he gets his magnificent abs to glow in the dark.

To close the night off with a little fun, Leto put his music knowledge to the test in a few rounds of "Name That Song" with Fallon, with music courtesy of The Roots.

BONUS. Backstage, Leto helped future dog owners with some unique names they can name their puppy!