James Hetfield Judges Metallica's New Music On How Fast He's Going In "The Car Test"

December 19, 2016

If you have received a speeding ticket as the result of a song, chances are that's a really good song.

While on Joe Rogan's podcast, James Hetfield of Metallica talked about the transformitive effect music can have on people and how he'll often judge his material using something called "the car test."

"When you hear a good song and you're in your car, you're like 'f**k yeah!' it's like a drug!" says Rogan. "It's like taking a shot of this caveman-nitro. More powerful than that, actually." Laughing, Hetfield replies saying, "I've got plenty of speeding tickets. Plenty!" He continues, saying, "Well that's the best place for Lars [Ulrich] and I to listen to the music when we're putting it together, does it make 'the car test'? 'Cause you're yourself when you're in your car if no one else is in there. You get to celebrate and listen and just go friggin' nuts in your car. And that passes 'the car test.'"

"Hopefully we save people from road rage. Just headbang!"

Watch their full conversation below!