Iggy Pop & Metallica's Lars Ulrich Reflect On Working With Lou Reed

April 26, 2017

During their three-day stint in Mexico City earlier this year, Metallica brought on one of the biggest forces to ever emerge in rock n' roll: the godfather of punk, Iggy Pop. The two covered a few Stooges hits onstage together, including a heavy version of "T.V. Eye" which can be viewed below. 

During their stay in Mexico, drummer Lars Ulrich sat down with Iggy for a one-on-one discussion on a wide range of topics, including their love for their dear friend and collaborator, Lou Reed.

"I met him through Main Man, who were the managers of David Bowie," said Pop. "They were about to sign me to a management deal, and they were working with Lou as producers. And they convinced Lou that, 'We've got this new artist... we don't really like his music. He needs some good songs!' So the idea was Lou was gonna sell me some songs, you know? But if a Lou song is any good, Lou is gonna do it, right? That's how I met him, we were sitting in a room and he was playing me songs, and we got drunk on his acoustic guitar."

Ulrich chimed in how their first live collaboration with the Velvet Underground singer at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 25th anniversary show lead to their critically divisive album Lulu. He went on to describe how Reed was affected by all of the negative attention Lulu was getting after its release. "We're pretty thick-skinned," said Ulrich. "We've been through ups and downs for years, and if we like something we'd done and we enjoy the experience, that's what matters to us. But I think he was really saddened by the response to (Lulu) and I felt ... it was weird. The roles changed at the end where I became almost more maternal to him, and had to like sort of comfort him through this very difficult month when the record came out and it just got fucking slammed."

Watch the full interview here

(source: Rolling Stone)