Survey Says Boston-Area Sports Fans are the Most Hated in the Country

September 4, 2019

Us here in New England have been so used to being braggadocious about our sports teams that we weren't completely sure how much it has been annoying the rest of the country. But according to a new survey, Boston-area sports fans are the #1 most annoying in the USA.

Insight Pest Solutions surveyed 13,500 people and the results shows that “a Boston-based team was voted as one of the three most annoying in the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL."

About 35% of voters said that New England Patriots fans were the most obnoxious fans in the NFL, followed by the Dallas Cowboys at 13.34% and Philadelphia Eagles at 9%. Again, it wasn't even close. Meanwhile the Arizona Cardinals fans came in dead last in the annoyance rankings with a measley 0.03%.

For the NBA, Boston Celtics fans came in third as the most annoying at 12.16%, with Golden State Warriors fans coming in second at 23.81%, and Los Angeles Lakers fans taking the crown at 33.79%. The Minnesota Timber Wolves fans were voted the 'most liked' out of the country, but that could also double as 'least threatening' fans.

In the MLB, the New York Yankees fans still hold the title for the most-despised people in baseball while us Boston Red Sox fans are right behind them at 20.77%.

But what about the NHL? Boston Bruins fans take the gold for the most annoying people in hockey at 19.74%, beating out Pittsburgh Penguins fans at 14.09% and Toronto Maple Leafs fans at 10.93%.

So it just goes to show you that we're so good at winning, that we are securing titles without even trying!