Massachusetts Named One of America's Least Friendly States

August 20, 2019

Massachusetts has a lot of things to brag about: we've got the best sports teams in the nation, some of the best movies are filmed here, it's home to some of the best bands and comedians ever, and we've got a sick accent. That, and we're also one of the meanest states in the country.

According to a survey conducted by Big Seven Travel, a digital travel guide agency, Massachusetts was ranked as the 47th friendliest state in the USA.

The survey says that the reason why Massachusetts is so low on the list is not because we're rude (we are), but because of the level of indifference we exhibit towards strangers and the amount of time we consider an outsider to be considered a "true Bostonian."

Well, we'd be doing ourselves a disservice if we allow some poser to consider themselves a masshole overnight.

Thankfully Massachusetts isn't alone as the meanies of the North. New Hampshire ranked 44th friendliest state because of the amount of "stubborness" and "pride" shown by the locals, and that because the population is widely spread out, it can be hard making friends. (Whaaa-whaaa, nobody wants to be my fwend!). 

Basically all of New England is in the bottom half of the USA's friendliest states. Rhode Island came in 41st, Connecticut took 38th, Vermont was ranked 34th, and Maine came in at 31st.

But which states are less friendly than Massachusetts? They would happen to be Delaware, Arkansas, and the king of jerk states, New York.

However, the friendliest state in the union belongs to Minnesota thanks to the "welcoming" and "homey" nature of the locals, whatever that means...