Hollywood Vampires debut includes Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, Brian Johnson, Dave Grohl, Sir Paul McCartney, and more!

August 5, 2015


The origins of the Hollywood Vampires are as follows: In 1972, on the Sunset Strip there was a club called the Rainbow Bar & Grill, and the upstairs bar became a gathering place for rock stars residing or passing through Los Angeles. "To join the club, one simply had to out drink all of the members," says Alice Cooper, one of the founding members of the Vampires. "I would walk in on a typical night," Alice says, "and John LennonHarry NilssonKeith Moon - who would usually be in costume like a maid or a chauffeur - Bernie TaupinJim Morrison and Mickey Dolenz would be there. The next week might be Bernie Taupin, Jimi HendrixJim Morrison and Mickey Dolenz."

Three years ago, Alice Cooper and actor/musician Johnny Depp got together and decided that the spirit of the Hollywood Vampires should revive, thus bringing about the Hollywood Vampires Album. Alice and Johnny would be joined by Joe Perry of Aerosmith, a friend of both gentlemen, and the recording began.

Over the course of two years, Alice, Joe, and Johnny, along with producer Bob Ezrin would be joined by fellow "day vampires" Perry FarrellDave GrohlSir Paul McCartneyJoe WalshSlashRobbie KriegerZak StarkeyBrian Johnson, and Kip Winger. One of the songs titled "Raise The Dead" includes an intro by Sir Christopher Lee that was recorded before his death.

The album is set to be released on September 11th, but you can pre-order it here.

"Hollywood Vampires" Track Listing

  1. The Last Vampire
  2. Raise The Dead
  3. My Generation
  4. Whole Lotta Love
  5. I Got A Line
  6. Five To One/Break On Through
  7. One/Jump Into The Fire
  8. Come And Get It
  9. Jeepster
  10. Cold Turkey
  11. Manic Depression
  12. Itchyoo Park
  13. School's Out/Another Brick In The Wall Pt. 2
  14. Dead Drunk Friends

(source: Blabbermouth)