Watch The Trailer For The Julian Edelman Documentary "100%: JULIAN EDELMAN"

June 26, 2019

Julian Edelman has been a star receiver for the New England Patriots since 2009, the recipient of three Super Bowl Rings, the 2018 Super Bowl MVP, and countless other accolaides. Now we see the true story of how he got where he is in the SHOWTIME Sports documentary, 100%: JULIAN EDELMAN.

According to the film's description, "100%: JULIAN EDELMAN enters into Edelman’s inner circle of family, friends and fellow football players, while traversing the complex relationship between a father and a son who sacrifice everything to make it to the NFL. Viewers come to understand what drives the undersized former junior college quarterback, and why you do not bet against Julian Edelman."

100%: JULIAN EDELMAN will premiere on SHOWTIME on June 28th at 9pm.