Spaz Asked Julian Edelman To Explain His Beard and Who His REAL Friends Are

January 30, 2019

Notice how it's Spaz interviewing Julian Edelman and not Greg? Hopefully neither of them are bitter over who gets to call Tom Brady "bestie." But when he asked Edelman how difficult it is staying in touch with friends at this time, Edelman responded by saying, "You gotta make this like a regular work week. I don't see a lot of my friends during the season, and if they're real friends they understand that." Edelman added, "And if they don't, they gotta get kickin'!"

The other big question surrounding Edelman is his face forest. If the Patriots win the Super Bowl, will he chop the beard off? And how does he keep it looking so nice? "Shampoo, condition, and potentially a beard balm or a oil, depending on the occaision."

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