Is Greg Hill Running For Congress?

August 30, 2017

From the Hill-Man Morning Show to Capitol Hill?

A recent article in the Boston Herald reported that our very own Greg Hill may have his eyes set on the open congressional seat of US Rep. Niki Tsongas, according to sources in Greg's circle. Along with the number of jobs created by his many businesses and restaurants, as well as the amount of charity work Greg has done with the use of the Greg Hill Foundation, the article suggests that public service would be the next career choice.

But despite the allegations, Greg maintains his stance that he is not running for congress. He may be running in the next 5k, but not for congress.

Our faithful listeners however have already cooked up some clever campiagn slogans for the Hill-Man:

"Town Spa in every kitchen." - Matthew Woodard
"Chinners can be winners" - Lisa Karsay Whitaker
"From Capital Grille to Capitol Hill" - Jenny Grady
"Small Hands Across America" - Tommy Dawson
"No sandwich left behind" - Ma Teague
"What can daddy do for you?" - Zachery WIlkinson

In Case You Missed It - Congressman Greg?

This morning The Boston Herald put out an article saying that Greg Hill (yes, our Greg Hill) is setting his eyes on a seat in Congress. Is this for real? Greg sets the record straight on his political aspirations!