Bronson Arroyo Sang For Us In The Studio And Panties Were Dropping All Over The Place

July 13, 2018

Former Red Sox pitcher Bronson Arroyo has always been an avid practitioner of music. He's even BFF's with Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam!

So to promote his upcoming benefit show for the Boston Firefighters Baseball Team & Local IAFF Children's Fund, he treated us with an acoustic cover of "If I Had A Gun" by one of his new favorite bands, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds!

Be sure to listen to our full interview with Bronson in the podcast below!

HMMS Hour 4 - Pantaloon Dropper 7-12-18

This hour our friend former red Sox Pitcher and World Series Champion Bronson Arroyo joins us in studio to talk about the Red Sox season, the dominance of Chris Sale, his new gig as a musician and he performs a song for us. Also we get to the bottom of the age old question… what’s the best kind of pie!?!