Heath Evans Explains The Winning Spirit of Bill Belichick & Tom Brady

May 14, 2019

It's common knowledge that our New England Patriots are so satisfyingly polarizing to the rest of the country. Winnings games and "The Patriot Way" have become a way of life in New England, and we put our trust in Brady and Belichick to get the job done.

But how intense is it in the Patriots locker room? A lot more than we realize.

During his appearance on Your Mom's House podcast with comedians Tom Segura and Christina P, former Patriots fullback Heath Evans described how serious of a coach Bill Belichick is, and how he expects the best out of all of this team members, no matter who they are.

“The best thing about Bill is, there’s not a whole lot of people that can ‘mother-f’ Tom Brady in a team meeting room,” Evans said. “When you’re in New England, if you’re the superstar, you get coached harder than everyone else. And if you’re the 53rd man on the roster or maybe the 35th guy on the roster like I was, then you’re going to be on this staggered scale of your level of accountability and how hard you get come down on because he knows, ultimately, me at the 35th man on the roster is going to follow Brady at No. 1 on the roster, so if Brady’s not challenged and he’s not working and he’s not held accountable then you create this level of inconsistency. And so that’s a gift in itself.”

Evans then referred back to the Patriots' famous 2007 season about how Bill Belichick is not being afraid to torch Tom Brady.

“I remember it was ’07, we smoked a team by like 50 points and Bill comes in and he’s mouthing off at Brady about something,” Evans said. “I’m trying to remember how it started, but he was like ‘If you weren’t so worried about you and Gisele’s next GQ Magazine, maybe, just maybe you wouldn’t have thrown that interception. What is this, Christmas? It’s October, Brady. Christmas come early or something? I could go to Foxborough High and get someone to throw that ball better than you.’ So he’s just going at him, you know?”