The Boston Accent Is The Second Sexiest In America, Says Survey

May 14, 2019

This may come as a slight surprise to some of you, but according to a survey conducted by the travel company, Big 7, the Boston accent was voted to be the second sexiest in the USA.

The company asked all 1.5 million of its social media followers which region in America had the sexiest accent. So if you ever want to give someone goosebumps, just tell them how to pahkk the cah in Hahvuhd Yahd, and that you're going to hang with your boys Sully, Murph, Jonesy and Smitty in Woosta.

(Ah, how romantic)

As for other New England accents, Maine ranked 4th, Connecticut ranked 22nd, and Rhode Island ranked 38th.

But if the Boston accent came in 2nd place, who got the vote for the sexiest accent in the country? Well, that title belongs to the Texas accent. Plus, the New York accent placed 3rd, and the Chicago accent came in 5th.