Hill-Man Morning Show Blogs

Let's Play "Father Knows Best" 2018 Edition!

Father's Day is this weekend, and you know what that means? It's time for our awesomely uncomfortable game, "Father Knows Best!" The Hill-Man Morning Show put a father and daughter on the line and if he answers some very awkward questions about his baby angel, then they both win some great prizes!... Read More

Let's Play LB Lingo BINGO!

LB has so many catchphrases. "Hey kid", "Not For Nothin'", "All Day Everyday", and so on. So we decided to take it a step futher and create a series of custom LB BINGO boards! Download them all and play along as you listen! Just don't turn this into a drinking game. You'll regret it. Read More

The 2018 Miss Boch-Kini Contest Recap

It's the most wonderful time of the year! June 14th marked our annual Miss Boch-Kini Contest thanks to our good friend Ernie Boch Jr! This year's competition featured lovely ladies from all over New England, and even some international competitors, each hoping to be crowned Miss Boch-Kini 2018! But... Read More

Er Mah Gherd, It's Jeremy Piven!

You may remember him as Ari Gold from Entourage or as "the best friend" in almost every movie. But today he was just himself, Jeremy Piven. Jeremy came by to talk about some of his upcoming shows at Laugh Boston, as well as his life starting in improv comedy and then moving on to stand-up, working... Read More

Hill-Man's Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Chinners

Are you tired of the same old, hum-drum foodie experience? Luckily for you, we put together Hill-Man's Top 10 Christmas gifts that are perfect for the Chinner in your life! Pizza Pouch - $7.99 The only accessory you’ll ever need in life! To WIN a #pizza pouch, RT and let us know what flavour pizza... Read More