Guns N' Roses Returns To St. Louis 26 Years After Axl Rose Tackled A Photographer & Stormed Offstage

July 28, 2017

In 1991 in St. Louis, MO, Axl Rose went down in rock history in one of the most infamous moments to happen onstage. Midway through Guns N' Roses' performance of "Rocket Queen," Axl abruptly stopped the show to address a fan that was taking pictures without permission. Despite his complaints, the venue security did nothing to stop the individual. Frustrated with both the photographer and the security, Axl decided to dive into the crowd and take the camera away himself.

After returning to the stage, Axl made the concert come to a grinding halt and stormed offstage, ending the show. As a result, the outraged audience began to riot inside the Riverport Ampitheatre, injuring 60 people and dealing over $200,000 in damages.

Fast forward to July 27th, 2017. Guns N' Roses makes its first appearance in the city in 26 years, and the scene of the crime would not be complete without the spark that lit Axl's powder keg. The very same photographer, William "Stump" Stevenson, was in attendence at the show!

Thankfully the entire concert went off without a hitch. Plus, given the amount of camera phones in the audience, Axl probably wouldn't have enough time to tackle everyone this time. So check out some of the footage from the show below!