Stand-Up Comedian Jay Pharoah Jokes About R. Kelly, Kanye West & More!

January 10, 2019

Jay Pharoah has been one of our favorite guests to have on the Hill-Man Morning Show. He's a stand-up comedian, an actor, and just a really positive guy to be around!

Since we first saw Jay on Saturday Night Live, he has started hanging around some A-list celebrities. Sure enough, we learn that many of them like rapper Kanye West are just as "normal" as the rest of us!

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We also came to know Jay as a very talented impressionist, expertly nailing the voices of Eddie Murphy, Jay-Z, Will Smith and Kevin Hart. But he crushed the rumor that he can only do black celebrities by dishing out Jason Statham, John Mulaney and Donald Trump!

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Lastly, listen to Jay's hilarious story of how a puppy ruined the mood in the bedroom by turning it into a very uncomfortable three-way.

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Be sure to listen to our full interview with Jay Pharoah below!