Greg's Top Takeaways From "Making A Murderer" Season 2

November 7, 2018


If you're like me and you can't get enough true crime television, then the Netflix series Making A Murderer is like a dream come true. Because it's all real and it's all happening right now. So after bingeing my way through season 2, here are some of my biggest takeaways from the docu-series:

1. Catherine Zellner is brilliant, bewbs and all. Say what you want about her appearance, Zellner is a vicious lawyer and her track record has proven that. Even going so far as to buying the same make and model car as Teresa Hallbach to recreate the crime scene.

2. Bobby Dassey is suspect. The stuff on his computer alone is enough for a few "How Creepy Is It?" segments. Plus, the cellphone tower theory is brilliant. Zellner was able to track Bobby's location through cell phone pings, and according to their findings he wasn't where he claimed to be.

3. The ex-boyfriend is also sketchy. He first told investigators that the car was damaged before Teresa Halbach went missing. He even said that she filed a claim to fix the broken light, but instead held on to the cash instead of repairing it. Only to find out that no insurance claim was ever made to begin with. Plus, he declined to speak with Zellner.

And why would he be in possession of Teresa's day planner? According to phone records and info written in the day planner, it indicates that Teresa had it with her on October 31st, the day the prosecution believe she was murdered.

I really to believe Ryan Hillegas killed is ex girlfriend Teresa Halbach and not Steven Avery! How do you just guess a voicemail password and get it right? #ryanhillegas #stevenavery #makingamurderer

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4. Brendan Dassey's "confession" doesn't make any sense. Probably one of the worst things to happen to anybody in this case is the improsonment of Brendan Dassey after the police coerced him into confessing to a crime that he didn't commit. He says that he and his uncle stabbed Teresa Halbach, except there was zero blood evidence to be found.

I strongly believe that Steven Avery is innocent as much as other viewers believe in the opposite. But what I like about these discussions is that even though I am an honorary member of the Boston Firefighters Guild, we all feel like we're seasoned characters from True Detective.

That, and Ken Kratz sucks.

Be sure to listen to our entire discussion below: