Godsmack Writing For Seventh Album To Celebrate 20th Anniversary

January 27, 2017

Following up to their sixth studio album 1000hp, the guys from Godsmack have already begun the writing process for their untitled seventh studio album, which will commemorate the band's 20th anniversary together.

In a post made to his Instagram, frontman Sully Erna writes "Let the writing begin... #godsmack7 #20thanniversary #2018"

Let the writing begin... #godsmack7 #20thanniversary #2018

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Erna said in an interview with The Pulse of Radio describing how Godsmack doesn't fit primarily under one genre of music, "You know, it is nice to know that we're creating stuff that's just kind of living on and that does really well in the active rock stations and the hard rock world and that kind of stuff," he said. "So we're in that middle ground. We're not quite as poppy as like Aerosmith, but yet we're not as dark and metal as, you know, the Slipknot's or the Metallica's or whatever. So we're kind of like that in-between band."

The new album will also be Godsmack's first under BMG, after departing from their previous label Republic/Universal.

Sully also paid WAAF a visit with a live performance of a song off of his new solo record called "Don't Comfort Me."