God Introduces Green Day; Weezer Shines Like The Sun In Late Night Shows

March 22, 2017

Green Day has fans all over the world from every color, creed, gender, and so forth. At their recent Worcester show, they jammed with an 11-year-old fan in front of thousands of people!

But just when you thought they couldn't get any bigger, the band got a divine endorsement before beginning their set on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Just as they were about to begin, God himself appeared before the band to bestow upon them a head-banger's blessing. "I'm a huge fan," said the lord. God proceeded to introduce Green Day in Colbert's place, saying, "“Here performing ‘Still Breathing’ off their new album Revolution Radio, please welcome five-time Grammy winners and God’s favorite band, Green Day!”

Watch the divine introduction below.

Meanwhile on the set of Jimmy Kimmel, Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo got into the spirit of their new song "Feels Like Summer" by performing while dressed as a big, happy sun!