Go Behind The Scenes Of Jack White's Vinyl Record Company "Third Man Records"

May 8, 2017

Believe it or not, vinyl records are back and bigger than ever.

In a story for CBS This Morning, Jack White, frontman of the White Stripes, opened his doors of his record company, Third Man Records, to offer an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look of the growing business.

Stationed in his hometown of Detriot, MI, White described his dreams for his record company to that of Henry Ford. "One day, I want this place to be like what I had heard about Henry Ford wanted for the Ford Motor Company, which was you pour in all your raw materials on this side, and out the other side of the factory pop out cars. "We're close now. The only thing we're not doing is plating and making the sleeves." White says that pretty much every piece of equipment in his factory is 100% fresh, "all new presses, new boilers, new hydraulics, new piping. Everything is brand new."

Third Man Records has not only become a new-age vinyl record company, they have also produced original record designs that could not be found anywhere else, including a platinum-coated record of The Great Gatsby soundtrack, and designing flower petals into the press of Carl Sagan's "A Glorious Dawn."

"Some things that were gimmicky, some things that were beautiful; anything to capture the attention of people to bring back to the physical product and get away from invisible music and disposable music," says White. The risk has certainly paid off for Third Man Records, as they continue to turn a profit as they continue to push the boundries of what they can do with vinyl records. "When we see a teenager come in and buy a record, that just lights us all up!"

"You know, I sometimes sort of lay in bed thinking a lot of it is a waste of my time. Because I don't know how much of it really connects and follows through, and especially in the day and age I was dropped on planet Earth, to work in the day and age where people – music is the last thing on their mind after their cellphone, Netflix, Internet."

Vinyl is expected to be a billion dollar industry.

Watch the full story below!

(source: Rolling Stone)