Get A Fistful Of Behind-The-Scenes Footage From Metallica's 'Halo On Fire' Video

February 17, 2017

Frequently hailed as the fan-favorite song off of their new album Hardwired... To Self-DestructMetallica recently released the behind-the-scenes footage for the "Halo On Fire" video, which was directed by high-art photographers Herring and Herring, who are also responsible for the cover art for the album.

According to Metallica's fan-club magazine "So What!" frontman James Hetfield describes the song as "there's a juxtaposition in all of us, good, evil, and when does that come out, when does it show itself? Some people portray themselves as real saints, [and] the more their darkness is, the more they have to portray themselves as saints. So you're basically getting away from the real 'you,' like you're making up for all of this [stuff] that you think is really bad. I think also… what was that one show? 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'? I never saw it, but I saw some highlights of it where it was like, 'Oh, this guy is well accomplished and look at this guy.' And then he's got this basement of torture and horror all for his pleasure, and people [were] falling for it and wanting it. And then at the end of the day, they both bleed. It's not good for anybody."

Watch the official "Halo On Fire" video below!