Gene Simmons Withdraws Application To Trademark "Devil Horns" Hand Gesture

June 22, 2017

After receiving a huge online backlash from fans, his musical associates, and even Wendy Dio, whose late husband Ronnie James Dio is often credited for popularizing the famous rock n' roll "devil horns", KISS founder Gene Simmons has decided to abandon his attempt at trademarking the hand gesture.

According to the United States Patent And Trademark Office, the status of Simmons' application has been filed under "Abandoned becuase the applicant filed an express abandonment."

Mid-June 2017 Simmons filed a application to trademark the "devil horns" hand gesture in which the index finger, pinky, and thumb are extended. The signal also served as the meaning for "I love you" in American sign language.

Although Ronnie James Dio is frequently credited for making the "devil horns" mainstream, he recalled adapting it from his grandmother as an Italian sign to either repel evil, or to give someone the "evil eye."

Nikki Sixx of Motley Crüe even joked about possibly trademarking the middle finger in response to Simmons.