Frank Zappa's House Reportedly Purchased By Lady Gaga

September 22, 2016

The home of one highly influential musician shall soon become home to another. It is being reported that Frank Zappa's home in the Hollywood Hills was sold to modern pop icon Lady Gaga for $5.25 million.

The property was purchased by Zappa for $75,000 in the mid-'70s where he worked and raised his family until his death in 1993. Since then the home was entrusted to his widow Gail Zappa until her death in October 2015. Resulting in some sibling rivalry between Moon UnitDweezilAhmet, and Diva for over who controls what of their father's estate, the house's listing became public with an asking price of almost $5.5 million.

Described as "just over half an acre, including a rambling, quasi-Tudor-style main house of more than 6,700 square feet with six bedrooms and seven bathrooms plus an attached staff apartment and two very contemporary detached guesthouses. The main house features what listing details describe as 'many one-of-a-kind embellishments' such as an elaborate dragon mural in the dining room and 'porthole windows and doors salvaged from vintage submarines.'"

Some of the additional amenities in the house include an art gallery, a storage area where Zappa safeguarded his musical archives under tight lock and key, and the "Utility Muffin Research Kitchen"  - aka, Zappa's recording studio.

(source: Variety)