Frances Bean Cobain Gets Married, Courtney Love Not Invited

September 25, 2015

Congratulations to the young miss Frances Bean Cobain, who finally tied the knot with her boyfriend of five years Isaiah Silvas in a very top-secret ceremony consisting of only a few close friends. So secret that even mother-of-the-bride Courtney Love was unaware of the proceedings. It is believed however, that Cobain gave her mother a short phone call about the big news, to which made Love 'sad' after hearing about it.

A source tells The Mirror: "Frances is totally loved up with Isaiah, but she's never been one to broadcast it to the world. She only invited a close circle of friends the party, and then phoned her mum afterwards"

The mother/daughter relationship has been through rocky waters through the years since Cobain applied for her paternal grandparents to be her legal guardians back in 2009. But it is believed that the two have mended their relationship these days.

"Courtney and Frances have had a strained relationship over the years, but after tons of fall-outs they actually get on quite well now. Courtney is sad she wasn't there but she totally understands that Frances is her own person and she's happy to let her do her own thing. Plus, Isaiah is a really nice guy," the source added.

As part of his wedding Kurt Cobain wore pajamas instead of a tux under the notion that he was simply 'too lazy' to put on a tux. It is unconfirmed if anyone at the Frances/Isaiah wedding were donning pajamas.

(source: Yahoo Music)