Fan Gets Ear Bitten Off At Eagles Of Death Metal Concert (GRAPHIC)

May 10, 2016

No, Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield didn't have a rematch at the Eagles of Death Metal's recent show in Toronto. Police have confirmed that two men were involved in a physical altercation at the show where one ended up having his ear bitten off. One Eyewitness said of the incident, "Some guys just got into a fight in front of us and the one guys bit off the other guy's ear. I am not joking. It was the most f**ked up thing I have ever seen. We had to get security to pick up his ear in case they can fix it. Just sharing because it happened right where we were all standing."

The venue's general manager Athena Ellinas-Towers said to, "The one gentleman that instigated the whole thing was arrested and charged." In regards to the ear, "A customer picked it up because I didn't know where it was. She put it on ice and we gave it to the ambulance when they arrived... This is a first, let's say. I didn't actually believe it when someone came up to me and told me what happened. It's just bizarre."

An audio engineer present during the incident detailed how he separated the two individuals below:

Photographer Gary William Ogle managed to snap a photo of the said ear to his Instagram account, which you can view below. WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT

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At the Eagles of Death Metal show where a MAN BIT A PART OF ANOTHER MAN'S EAR OFF

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(source: Loudwire)