Evanescence's New Album Came From A 'Crazy, Harebrained Idea' From Amy Lee

April 28, 2017

During an interview with "Build Series," Amy Lee of Evanescence reassured fans that they are working on a new album that is expected to debut later this year, saying that it isn't going to be just any ordinary album. "We're working on something, and it's not quite the right time to tell you exactly what it is. It's not just a straightforward 'next EVANESCENCE album,' it's something else. So just manage and prepare yourself for what you're waiting for to be something different."

Lee maintained her silence on divulging any details on the unnamed Evanescence project, saying, "I had this crazy, harebrained idea, like, two years ago, and finally have all the people around me that are, like, 'Let's make that happen.' So I'm just doing something… You're gonna like it."

Lee says that the band will be using the time between their South American and European tours in the studio working on the album.

Lee also discussed the addition of German guitarist Jen Majura, taking the place of former member Terry Balsamo. "I love Jen. We have a female in the band, besides me, for the first time ever, and that's changed the dynamic a little bit for me. I've got a girlfriend in the band, and now we can have live background vocals too — we never had that. Just a lot of cool new energy happening."

Check out Amy Lee's full "Build Series" interview below:

(source: Blabbermouth)