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Eight Awesome Times Metallica Was Covered From Other Bands

March 20, 2017

Metallica have a real conucopia of musical range in their catalogue. They have their classic thrash sound that hits you hard and fast with songs like "Master of Puppets." But they also have been known to share some of their passionate and emotional side in songs like "Nothing Else Matters."

One way or another, Metallica is revered amongst many artists that have come before them, and many more that came after them. Below are just eight artists that have each managed to pay tribute to the thrash titans.

Halestorm - "Ride The Lightning"

Nickelback - "Sad But True"

Godsmack - "Nothing Else Matters"

Motorhead - "Whiplash"

Disturbed - "Fade To Black"

Rob Zombie - "Enter Sandman"

Korn - "One"

Apocalyptica - "Master of Puppets"