Drunk Fan Collapses Onstage During Stone Temple Pilots Show

September 14, 2015

People tend to do foolish things from time to time. Some get pulled over for speeding. Others will treat a gun like it's a toy. Some will blame the New England Patriots for EVERYTHING. But go to any rock concert and chances are more likely than not that you will find a few individuals that chose to drink a little too much that eventing.

Well everyone at Stone Temple Pilots show in Charlotte, NC got to see the effects of drunk and foolish behavior first-hand as one drunk fan named Johnny managed to climb onstage while the band was performing "Interstate Love Song" and danced and "attempted" to sing along with new lead singer and Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington. At the song's close Johnny promptly fell to the ground "trust fall" style only to pick himself back up. Chester jokingly added his two cents saying, "This is a crazy motherf***er right here." He added, "I've never seen a motherf***er jump on stage and hang out, sing, fall backwards, and still be standing here. Congratulations brother!"

Watch the fan's entire presentation in the video below:

(source: Alternative Nation)