Drummers Collide As Dave Grohl Appears On "It's Electric" With Lars Ulrich Of Metallica

September 14, 2017

When you sit Lars Ulrich and Dave Grohl across from each other, it's like they both are looking into a mirror for rock n' roll drumming badasses.

The Metallica drummer and the Nirvana drummer shared tales of what it's like being the drummer in the band and why Dave will always favorite the drums over the guitar. "I started playing drums by default," says Grohl. "I was in a band where the drummer was just f**king lame, and that I knew that I could do it. I basically said, 'I got an idea: why don't you play bass and I'll play drums and totally rearrange the whole thing!'" 

They also discussed the drummer's limited role in the band, calling back to the one of the oldest jokes in the book which is, "What is the last thing a drummer ssaidys before he got kicked out of the band? 'Hey guys, I've got a song we should play!'"

They also discussed performing with David Bowie, headlining Glastonbury, Concrete and Gold, and more!

Watch the full interview below!