Dave Grohl Is Wicked Excited About New Album; Reveals Boyz || Men Collaboration

July 6, 2017

Dave Grohl is really excited about their new Foo Fighters record, Concrete & Gold. And when we say he's really excited, we mean he is really excited about it.

In a recent interview with BBC, Dave describes how he wanted the album to sound like "Motorhead doing Sgt. Pepper's" and that keeping the album a secret for six months was painful for him to hide from the public.

Dave also mentions how close they were from the Queens Of The Stone Age, who were also busy recording their new album Villians, and that after listening to both, Grohl is more than satisfied knowing that rock n' roll is proudly alive and well!

Listen to a short clip of the interview below!

It has also been announced that a member from the R&B/Pop group Boyz || Men will also be featured on the album. Grohl says that they came to recruit him after spotting him in a parking lot and asking if they were interested in singing on the heaviest song on the record. After that, rest is history.