Dave Grohl Says Nirvana Became 'Too Big Too Quick'

February 4, 2016

While being interviewed by Photographer/Director Sam JonesFoo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl explained Nirvana's skyrocket to fame, along with its downfalls, as well as making the transition from drummer to lead singer in his own band.

"Unfortunately, Nirvana became too big too quick. Bands are like families that go through uncomfortable growing pains, and if it happens all at once, it's just too much to handle."

Dave went on to talk about the sudden wave of shock he felt after hearing about Kurt Cobain's death, and what lead him to start the foo fighters. "When Kurt died, I woke up the next day and thought, 'I'm lucky to be alive'... It was a profound revelation I had the day after he died and it changed everything. it honestly changed so much of my life that I felt the most important thing was just appreciating being alice, good day or bad day. But after Kurt died, I really felt that way, like, 'Okay, I'm gonna try this. What do I have to lose? I'm gonna start this band and then I'm gonna be the singer."

"When the Foo Fighters started playing, it was scary, because singing upfront with a guitar in your hand and having everyone stare at you as the lead vocalist is a lot different than just chiming in backup vocals when you're behind the drums," he said. "So I was nervous, and actually when recording the first Foo Fighters record, I had never belted it out in the studio before, so I didn't know what my voice sounded like."

(source: Blabbermouth)